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Start Quickly
U.S. does not use fancy presentations to sell you. We let our work speak for itself. Send us your documents using your secure portal or ours and we can be up and running within hours not weeks. As your ASO for alternative formats U.S. will assist your Organization with your Language Assistance Plan (LAP) and your Federal and State Compliance filings at no additional costs with PMPM pricing.
Save Money
Our pricing is a fixed flat rate for accessible documents and a fixed flat rate for non-accessible documents. With no hidden costs. We handle all documents and complexities. If you are a MCO, we provide PMPM pricing to save money and limit the costs of accessible compliance.
We utilize the latest security protocols for healthcare and conduct business only with secure portals. We have separate database instances for all customers to abide DOJ audit laws, no co-mingling of customer data in the same instance.
Advance AI Accessible Technology
Your organization has to create documents for millions of sighted members/enrollees/customers. Your standard documents are condensed with tables and exact information in a few pages. Therefore let U.S. create your accessible documents for you through our AI technology
Rapid Turnaround
Federal laws require that alternative formats must arrive in a similar timeframe as non-alternative formats otherwise the customer/member/enrollee is denied "equal opportunity for equal access" which leads to a Civil Rights Violation. Let. U.S. handle your accessibility and we guarantee rapid turnarounds.
U.S. knows the laws and we abide by 45 C.F.R. Parts 160-164 (Privacy and Security Rules under HIPAA), Public Law 104-191 (HIPAA) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

Did you know that members/enrollees that are blind, read by letter and not by word.


Did you know that your customers/members/enrollees that are vision impaired are using magnifying glasses to read your written communications.


Vision-Impaired customer/members/enrollees may not know how to read braille and therefore prefer Audio as their form to communication from your Organization


If a document is pretty it is not accessible. U.S. makes all your documents accessible to meet Section 504, ADA and Section 1557 requirements.


Did you know that per Executive Order 13166 and Section 1557 of ACA that your written materials must be in your threshold languages. But, you must offer upto 150 languages over the phone and any language can request to have ALL their communications read over the phone if it is not available in writing.

Not sure how to get started?

U.S. Braille has simple pricing model with no extra upcharges for creating an accessible document.

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